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Prices for Tattoos, Taamoko and Tatau 

These may vary depending on the Studio and or Kaupapa

My prices will be broken down from hourly rate to flat rates and Koha

*For an explanation on Koha please read till the bottom.

Meitaki Ngao

Tattoo, Tatau and Taamoko Rates 

No Charge                                                                            

- Consultation

Instudio flash designs are priced accordingly



- For my home studio base in either Palmerston North or Rarotonga


-For Guest spots (You will be advised prior to booking confirmation


$150 Minimum                                

-For smaller pieces that take less than 0.5hrs

$100 Deposit                      

-For bookings over 2hrs, Fully refundable if cancelled or rescheduled 72hrs prior

$150 Deposit                  

- For bookings over 3hrs, Fully refundable if cancelled or rescheduled 72hrs prior



-Full Day up to 8hrs



-Half Day up to 4hrs

Kaupapa Tatau/ Moko

No Charge                       

         - Consultation

Ei Paruru-

$400 Booking fee and Koha on the day*        

      2-3 Lines (These would be lines 1&2 and possibly 7)

$600 Booking fee and Koha on the day*        

      4-5 Lines (These would be lines 1,2,3,6 and any combination 4,5,7,8)

$800 Booking fee and Koha on the day*        

      6-8 Lines (These would be lines 1,2,3,6 and any combination 4,5,7,8)

Paruru (Forearm)-

$500 Booking fee and Koha on the day* 

            - This is a combination of the 3 main components of a Paruru. Lower, middle and top.


POA-    If you are wanting to extend on the 3 first components 

Moko Kauae-

$350 Booking fee and Koha on the day*

Moko Kanohi/ Mataora-

$500 Booking fee and Koha on the day*


     -Full Day Charges apply


     -Travel and accomodation costs apply, Applicable costings as mentioned above






Koha as explained in the Maori Dictionary is a gift, present, offering, donation, contribution - especially one maintaining social relationships and has connotations of reciprocity.

Over the past 17 years of doing this beautiful mahi at times I have struggled to find a middle ground where both myself and kaiwhiwhi can have and exchange that we both feel is reciprocated.
If I could run everything purely on Koha I would, however to successfully support both my family and my cultural practices I decided to take a note out of one of my friends books and set these new prices/payment exchanges in place. 

The Booking fee allows me to best prepare and cover costs for the piece you are going to receive, by including a Koha on the day then leaves you with the decision of what this piece means to you and what koha you would like to close our exchanges off with.

Ive been asked by my kaiwhiwhi, and the kaiwhiwhi of my peers what would be an appropriate koha and this is something I simply cannot decide. This is solely left up to you.

It could be financial, its could be physical (Paua and Kina are never a bad idea) it could be something you have made, or a song sung or a story shared. No matter what it is it should always be from the heart and leave you feeling tau. 

I hope this makes it clearly how things will run for me and my practice. for any questions please feel free to contact me using the contact/ booking forms

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