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During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic New Zealand, was moved into Level 4 lockdown.

Meaning the only time you left your house was for essential purposes.

Though a printing and apparel business had been in the works for many years, I never really had the time to just sit down and unpack just what it is we were wanting to do.

Well thanks to level 4 it may have been just what I needed, heavily pregnant this also gave way to our chosen name... Nuku Creative, as an acknowledgment to our baby girl Uenuku, and also Papatuanuku (mother earth) because this entire concept we are growing from the ground up.

Specialising in Polynesian designs and concepts, custom works and fun creative pieces.

Personalisation is something I myself am a big fan of and want to offer that to others.

Our future plans are to expand to a mobile unit and 3 physical stores here in Palmerston North, Auckland and Rarotonga.

For the meantime we remain an online outlet shipping worldwide

Visit our website 

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